As experienced agents, we specialize in navigating the dynamic telecom landscape, providing tailored recommendations that empower your business’s connectivity and success. Here is a condensed listing of industries we have serviced.

Federal Government

We specialize in providing comprehensive IT and Telecom solutions to the Federal Government, offering custom Wide Area Network (WAN) services, data center management, end-to-end managed services, secure managed internet connectivity, and efficient hardware and licensing services for optimal project implementation and ongoing support.

SLED (State, Local)

We are dedicated to assisting State and Local governments in their IT and Telecom projects, offering expertise in fiber network builds and reliable managed internet services, ensuring seamless connectivity and effective management throughout the project lifecycle.

Education including E-Rate

In the Education industry, we provide innovative AI-based physical security services leveraging E-Rate funding, along with customized network services, to ensure a safe and secure learning environment while delivering reliable and tailored network solutions to meet the unique requirements of educational institutions.

Utility (electric)

In the Utility (electric) industry, we offer specialized consulting services to optimize operations and enhance efficiency, along with seamless hardware refresh solutions and expert guidance for smooth cloud migration, empowering utility companies to modernize their infrastructure and leverage the benefits of advanced technologies.


In the legal industry, we provide a comprehensive business management suite that addresses the specific needs of law firms, offering integrated solutions for case management, document organization, time tracking, billing, and more. Additionally, we offer reliable managed internet services to ensure secure and uninterrupted connectivity for seamless legal operations.


In the financial industry, we specialize in certified hardware recycling and secure data destruction services, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and protecting sensitive financial information. Additionally, we offer expertise in data center decommissioning and reliable managed internet solutions, supporting the smooth operations and connectivity needs of financial institutions.

Data Center and Cloud

We provide comprehensive design and consulting services for data centers and cloud infrastructure, delivering fully redundant transport networks and expertly building both in-band and out-of-band networks. Additionally, we specialize in peering exchange builds, enabling efficient and secure data exchange between networks.


As an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we offer a fully redundant transport network to ensure reliable and uninterrupted connectivity for our customers. Our services also include peering exchange, enabling efficient data exchange, as well as dark fiber and managed wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) solutions for scalable and flexible network infrastructure.


In the retail industry, we provide a range of essential services, including secure payment processing solutions, AI-based physical security services, SD-WAN implementation for optimized network connectivity, managed internet services, energy efficiency consulting to reduce operational costs, and expertise in electric vehicle (EV) station installations, catering to the evolving needs of retail businesses.